Hyderabadi youth get into trouble for possessing air gun

Police caught an engineering graduate and a tech student from Hyderabad on Thursday for possessing an air gun. Maqdoom Azam, 24, an engineer and Muzaffar Ahmed Malik, 22, engineering student of Al Habeeb Engineering College Chevella, are residents of Edi Bazaar at Yaqutpura in Hyderabad.

On Wednesday, they went to Azam’s farmhouse in Cheryala village of Sangareddy. They carried with them an air gun which they had purchased from Hyderabad.

When they were returning to Hyderabad on their scooter, their scooter skid at Patancheru and they both fell down on the road. When they fell down the air gun hidden under their clothes came out and the police apprehended them.

However they were let off after their families furnished individual sureties.