Hyderabadi Techie raped childhood friend on pretext of discussing Imp issue

A 26-year-old Hyderabadi techie held for raping and posting nude pictures of his Childhood friend. Hyderabad SHE team held the accused on Wednesday.

According to police the accused Tilak is from Khammam district who is working with an MNC in Hyderabad. He had come in contact with the victim about two years ago.

In September 2014, the accused called the victim to his home in pretext of discussing an important issue. When the victim went to Tilak’s home, he offered her a drink. After taking the drink, victim fell unconscious; the accused sexually assaulted her and took the nude pictures of her.

Since then, Tilak has been blackmailing the victim to satisfy his desires. The accused threatened her for sharing the pictures on Social media and with his friends when she denied satisfying him.

SHE team registered a case under the Nirbhaya Act and arrested the accused after collecting substantial evidences.

SHE team advised Women to monitor their friends list on social media and act carefully while sharing personal details with strangers and avoid mingling with men in alone.

For any problem of harassment or teasing, women should instantly inform SHE teams,” said Additional Commissioner (Crimes and SIT) Swathi Lakra.