Hyderabadi pilgrim under police custody in Makkah

Hyderabad: Police in Makkah Mukarrama has taken a Hyderabadi pilgrim into custody. Telangana Hajj committee has contacted Indian Hajj Mission for his release.

According to reports Hyderabadi pilgrim had picked up money from the ground belonging to another pilgrim by mistake during Tawaaf (circumambulation). Police immediately took him into custody. It is said that the person didn’t reach his building for four days on which respective Khadim ul Hujjaj and other pilgrims of the buildings were started worrying about him. They thought that the pilgrim is missing as his cell phone was also found to be switched off. Facts came to fore after 4 days and it was confirmed that he was in police custody.

Special Officer Telangana Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor immediately contacted Indian Hajj Mission and Indian Consulate and appealed to take measures for the said pilgrim’s release. It must be noted that picking up anything in Mutaaf is a criminal offence.

Meanwhile a pilgrim belonging to Hyderabad suffered hearth attack. Although Saudi doctors suggested surgery but the person has decided to undergo surgery after reaching Hyderabad.

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