Hyderabadi man Ateeq Ahmed dies in US; family raises suspicion

Hyderabad: Syed Ateeq Ahmed (30) of Hyderabad had reportedly died in a car accident in Jacksonville, Florida on March 16. His family members have raised suspicion revolving around his death. They say they were informed about the death after 45 days. The Consulate General of India (CGI) in Atlanta has sought more details about the parents.

After Ateeq’s death, he was buried in Jacksonville, Florida without his parents being informed in Hyderabad. The family members and relatives of Syed Ateeq Ahmed have raised doubts over his death and appealed to the Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj to inquire into his death.

The family revealed that they received the information of Ateeq’s death only on April 29 through an email from Ateeq’s brother-in-law. He told them that Ateeq had committed suicide. According to Ateeq’s brother in Hyderabad since that day there has been no contact with the in-laws. He raised suspicion as Ateeq would never commit suicide.

Other relatives and friends in the US were also not aware of Ateeq’s death. According to sources, Ateeq got married with Shaikh Nazia Niloufer in May 2014 and had moved to the US with his in-laws.