Hyderabadi home chefs offer help to those affected by COVID-19

Hyderabad: Amid surging COVID-19 cases in the city, with many of those tested positive and their families isolated at their homes, good samaritans are offering a helping hand to make their lives less troublesome.

From fetching them medicines and other groceries to keeping them company online, the community has heartily grown in these trying times. Some are even making home-cooked meals and delivering them at doorsteps to those who are recuperating at home.

Many are stepping up to offer them for free, while some are only seeking basic delivery charges.

These home chefs are using Instagram, Twitter and other social media handle to offer their services. The response, needless to say, is heartwarming.

More curated details of the home chefs can be found here and here.

Not just home chefs, others too are lending some help. Activist and journalist Divya Kandukuri (@anticastecat) came forward to send some simple, home-cooked meals in Hyderabad. On her social media account, she wrote: These are such difficult times that all of us are going through right now. But we have only got each other. Any small step of care work we undertake now will make a huge difference.”

Here are some more people offering home-cooked meals for COVID-19 affected families.

It is indeed difficult to keep up in the quarantine. Apart from the city community, the civic body is available to seek help too. The GHMC helpline numbers are: 9154686549, 9154686552, 9154686558, 9154686557.