A Hyderabadi father striving hard to educate his daughters

Hyderabad: Working hard to educate your girl child takes lots of perseverance and determination for any parent. One such example is set by Hyderabadi father Javeed Khan, a traffic constable in day, auto driver and a home guard by night.

Javeed Khan does three jobs simultaneously to meet the expenses to educate his children. He has three daughters, and a son. He strongly believes in educating his daughters. Though he dint get the opportunity to completely his education, Javeed leaves no stone unturned so that his daughters get the chance to complete their education.

Doing his 8-hour day job as a traffic constable, directing traffic at Saifabad near Iqbal Minar and later driving auto and is also a Home Guard. He roughly earns 12,000Rs for his home guard service and an additional 300Rs from his driving. He barely makes enough money to run his house. Says Javeed,“Well-wishers help me out in meeting the education expenses of my children”.

Talking about his education he says he discontinued his Intermediate but wants his children to get the best of education. His eldest daughter Shaheen Fatima is doping her BBA second year from Badruka College. She is also appearing for her CA exams.

Recalling his daughter’s admission into CA Coaching classes, Javeed tells arranging 52,000Rs was not so easy for him. Had he not received help from Helping Hand Foundation and Anna Joshi, a business man he couldn’t have managed it.

He has to arrange monthly fee amounting to 2,000Rs for his other children, studying in Boston Mission High School,Tadbun. His wife, Yasmeen Begum also contributes towards the family by doing embroidery work on saris. Though the family has real hard time managing the expenses for the education of their children, they don’t seem to give up .

Javeed (HG 3024) is serving the Saifabad traffic police department for the last 17 years.His initial salary started with just Rs. 6000 and later it was raised to Rs 9000. It was only after TRS government came to power that the salary jumped to Rs. 12,000. “KCR has promised to regularize the services of Home Guards. If it is done I will have a secure job and good salary”, says Javeed.

Educate a girl u educate the complete family believes the father, hoping his daughters would be bring the change and put an end to his struggles. Javeed can be reached on phone 9705281789, as reported in Times of India.