Hyderabadi driver commits suicide in Saudi jail, kin allege murder

Hyderabad: A Hyderabadi youth died in prison in Saudi Arabia. He is said to have committed suicide. 26-year-old, Srinivas from Pargi, went to Saudi Arabia to clear his family’s debts. Srinivas was working as a driver of a school bus for three years. He was recently arrested by Saudi police after the school van he was driving met with an accident.

On Thursday, his family was informed that Srinivas had committed suicide three days ago. However his family suspects that Srinivas might have been murdered by Saudi police. A thorough inquiry into his death has been demanded. The family also wants that the body should be brought back home.

Oditha Srinivas was the son of farmer Oditha Govinda Naik and Manibai, hailing from Ibraheempur tanda in Viqarabad district. He was youngest of three brothers. Unlike his two elder brothers Shankar and Santosh who took up farming, Srinivas went to school. However financial crunch forced him to quit studies after SSC. Since then, he too had taken up farming profession.

The family went into crisis due to the monsoon failure four years ago. Dreaming of better future Srinivas decided to go to gulf to clear his family’s debts.

However he was arrested after the school van which he was driving had an accident nearly 10 days ago. He was convicted to 10 days imprisonment and fine. Three days ago he was found hanging in the prison’s bathroom.

His brother says that Srinivas was very ambitious, he could not commit suicide. He smells a rat. His brothers have appealed to the government to inquire into his death and ensure that his body reaches them.