Hyderabad youth returns after his aim to help family resulted in 14 months torture in Saudi Arabia

Hyderabad: Syed Sadiq (22), a resident of Talab Katta who had gone to Saudi Arabia 14 months back with an intention to help his family financially faced torture.

According to the news published in Telangana Today, Sadiq’s Kafil had locked him in his farm house located 400 km away from Riyadh. His Kafil kept him there for 14 months. During this period, he was forced to sleep with camels and was not given proper food.

His family members came to know about his sufferings when his colleague informed them.

After getting this information, they approached Indian Embassy in Riyadh through Golden Telangana Welfare Association.

Ultimately, Sadiq returned to Hyderabad on Sunday due to the efforts of his family members.

Talking on this, President of Golden Telangana Welfare Association, Mr. Amjad Hussain said that there are many persons like Sadiq who are facing torture in Saudi Arabia and are in need of help.