Hyderabad: youth given third-degree torture by Saudi ‘kafeel’

Hyderabad: 22-year-old, Shaikh Taufeeq, resident of Santoshnagar Hyderabad, was duped by a broker and he is now languishing in a remote area in Saudi Arabia without food and work. The kafeel ties him upside down and thrash him. Adding to his woes, the Hyderabad police didn’t take any action against the broker when Taufeeq’s family approached them.

According to sources, in May, 2016, Shaikh Taufeeq had paid Rs 1.30 lakh to agent, Imtiyaz of Santosh Nagar, who facilitated him to reach Riyadh to get a job as an office boy with a salary of Rs 30,000. However, Taufeeq, after landing in Riyadh, was picked up by an unknown person and taken to his employer (kafeel) at Haradh Ebrin Khin.

Taufeeq’s mother Sultana Begum narrated the sad tale saying that her son went to Saudi Arabia hoping for a decent salary, but to their shock Taufeeq’s life became hell as his kafeel and his family members were beating him and making him do domestic chores for nearly 20 hours though he had gone to work as an office boy. On October 9 Taufeeq made an attempt to escape but was nabbed, tied upside down and beaten hard. Taufeeq’s parents came to know about his sufferings only after he secretly called them with the phone of another person, also a slave.

The family told that during the last three months they have written letters to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, Prime Minister’s Office, Telangana IT minister K Taraka Rama Rao seeking help to bring Taufeeq back but in vain.

Taufeeq’s mother Sultana also revealed that they also approached the Begumpet police informing about Taufeeq’s condition and seeking action against Imtiyaz. At first Sub-inspector Nagaraju and Ramchander refused to take their complaint. After several pleas, agent Imtiyaz was called to the police station. Instead of grilling him, he was given VIP treatment and offered a chair, while we, the victims, were made to stand,” Sultana recalled. The Begumpet SI had even directed Sultana to approach the Santosh Nagar police.