Hyderabad youth confronts Rubika on her ‘biased’ journalism

Hyderabad: Rubika Liyaquat is an Indian television anchor and journalist. She is currently in news for her biased journalism and communalisation of incidents. A youth calls her and tries to confront her for the same.

The youth who introduces himself as Fahad Maqsoosi, says that he hails from Hyderabad and is presently living in Saudi Arabia. The audio of the telephonic conversation between him and Rubika was posted on twitter by a twitter user with the ID Patel Sufi on April 16.

During the conversation, the youth asks Rubika why she is spreading venom through her journalism. He asks her to fear whatever God she believes in. He claimed that Rubika is spreading filth because of which innocent vendors, who make both ends meet by their daily earnings, are in trouble. He alleged that Rubina is paid for what she presents and enjoys government backing. He accused her of advocating for the government.

Answering to the questions posed by the youth, Rubika says she is only doing her job with complete honesty.

However, Fahad asserts that she is not doing jouranlism but earning money. He asks, does it not prick her conscience when at the end of the day she goes home and watches television?

To all the confrontation by the youth, Rubika’s answer was “I don’t need to give clarification to anyone as Allah knows what I am doing. I’ve to face Allah in Qayamah. I don’t need certificate from anyone.”

She says she is fighting against Tablighis and the Maulana; she is not against Muslims as a whole.

The youth challenged her that if she shows her debate to her minor son, he too will disapprove what she is doing. “What kind of India you are building for your son?” he asks.