Hyderabad: Youngster slaps man sleeping on pavement from moving car

Hyderabad: In a heartless incident, a youngster was seen slapping a man who was sleeping on the pavement of a road from a moving car. The undated video is now being widely shared across social media platforms.

In the video, others (not seen) in the car can be heard laughing while the man on the pavement jumps up surprised even as the car moves on.

The video was first shared on Instagram and it later went viral on Facebook, and also spread widely on WhatsApp.

Many tagged the city police, asked them to catch the delinquents and punish them.

There were also many complaints filed with the cybercrime department and the local police as well. The incident is believed to have taken place and recorded on the Tadbun road under the Kalapather police station, Telangana Today reported, quoting sources.