Hyderabad women fall easy prey to fake ‘Babas’

Hyderabad: Even as the police crackdown on fake babas continues, fake faith healers are on the prowl once again. Three phony ‘babas’ were arrested during the last one month based on the complaint made by victims.

Most of the victims are women as they fall easy prey to fake faith healers. According to a report published in Telangana Today, of the three arrested, one was charged with raping a teenager while another aged around 70 years was accused of luring a 19- year-woman and marrying her.

According to a social activist Ayesha Nasreen a chunk of the clients of these ‘babas’ is women. They throng the so-called ‘faith-healing’ dens to get their issues resolved, which include matrimonial disputes, infertility, not finding suitable marriage alliances and health.

She says that the fraudsters are emboldened by the fact that most of the victims do not come forward to lodge a complaint with the police when they are cheated in fear of being exposed.

Religious heads should come forward and create awareness among the public against these fake faith healers.