Hyderabad woman tortured by husband rescued from Somalia

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad woman, who was allegedly held captive and tortured in Somalia by her husband since 2017, was rescued and the High Commission of India in Kenya helped her travel back to India.

The victim has been identified as Raheem Unnisa, a resident of Shastripuram Colony, Rajender Nagar, Hyderabad. She married Somali national Omar Dahir Farah on April 3, 2008 in Hyderabad.

Omar Dahir came to pursue his studies in India and stayed back for nine years in Hyderabad. Later, the couple moved to Somalia in 2017 with their four children and gave birth to another son there.

The incident dates back to 2017 when Raheem Unnisa went to Somalia. He kept her and his five children in a remote area inGaldogob District. Later she got to know Omar had two more wives– one from Somalia and other from Maharashtra.

“I have been able to return but I want my four sons who are stuck there to be sent to Hyderabad. They were not allowed to come back with me,” Unnisa told Times of India.

Social worker and MBT leader Amjed Ullah Khan had written to ministry of external affairs S Jaishankar about the situation.

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Things got  worse for Raheem Unnisa, when her husband would demand that she oblige his friends and this was another reason why he allegedly put her in more hardship. “I was not even given food to eat,” she said.