Hyderabad: Woman seeks govt help to reunite with Kuwait-based daughter

Hyderabad: A woman married to a Kuwaiti national has sought External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj’s intervention to reunite with her estranged daughter who is allegedly in custody of her in-laws in Kuwait.

Sayeda Fatima Begum, speaking to ANI said, “Around 30 years back I was married to a Kuwait national and we were blessed with a baby girl. After a while, my husband returned to Kuwait and we couldn’t get in touch with him for long. Later through a letter we were informed that he has died in a road accident”.

“After that, my stepson Mohammed Fahad came to India from Kuwait and took me and my daughter there. In Kuwait, my husband’s family tortured me a lot and sent me back to India after taking away my daughter to keep with them. Since then I haven’t met her despite repeated attempts,” she added.

Requesting the help of the government, she asserted that she is now suffering from a disease and it’s her last wish to meet her Kuwait based daughter.

“I tried a lot to meet my daughter again by going back to Kuwait but the efforts went in vain. Now I am suffering with many ailments and my wish is to meet my Kuwait-based daughter. I request EAM Sushma Swaraj to help me meet my daughter,” she added.