Hyderabad woman returns home, narrates torture she faced in Oman

Hyderabad: A woman from Hyderabad thanked the External Affairs Minister (EAM), Sushma Swaraj, on Friday after she was rescued from Oman, where she was allegedly being forced to work as a housekeeper in three houses.

Reshma, the rescued victim, told ANI that she and her daughter Niloufer Shaik were sent to Dubai on the pretext of a good job by an agent, but after reaching, Reshma was sent to Oman.

“We left for Dubai on 28 December 2017. The agent said our salary would be Rs 20,000 per month and after landing there, they took us to an office and kept us there. Later, they took away my daughter for work and since then, I have no contact with her. They kept me for ten days there and shifted me to Oman and they made me work in three houses at a time,” she said.

Reshma said she was locked in a room for two days without food and water when she refused to work, and later escaped and approached the Indian embassy for help

Reshma, now rescued from the clutches of her employer, thanked Swaraj for the Indian embassy’s assistance and also requested her to rescue her daughter. (ANI)