Hyderabad woman married to Sudan national seeks Sushma’s help to meet husband

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad woman, married to a Sudan citizen, is seeking External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj’s help to reunite with her husband, who, she says, is facing issues in getting an Indian Visa.

Speaking to ANI, Shahana said, “I got married in June 2017 to a Sudan national Abuzar Abakar Ibrahim Mohammed who was studying pharmacy here in India. We both moved to Sudan in November from where I returned back in December. I was blessed with a child in 2018 and since long my husband is trying to visit India but is continuously being denied a Visa.”

She also asserted that the Visa is being denied to her husband because of him having overstayed in India during his previous visit.

“He wants to meet our son, whom he hasn’t seen in person yet and also has to complete his studies. However, when he applied for Indian Visa, it got rejected and the officials had said that the visa was rejected because my husband overstayed in India last time.”

“I request EAM Sushma Swaraj to help my husband in getting Indian Visa so that he can come here and stay with us and also complete his studies,” Shahana added.