Hyderabad: Woman loses Rs 10.5 lakhs to matrimonial site fraud

Hyderabad: A woman got cheated and lost Rs 10.5 lakhs by a fraud she met on a matrimonial site.

According to the police, the victim resides in Begumpet and had registered herself on a matrimonial site a few months ago, where she found a match with a person claiming to be working in the United States.

After chatting with him for a few weeks, she was made to believe that he had intentions of marrying her, and asked her to deposit Rs 50,000 in an account in the context of arranging a visa for her to live with him in the USA.

She believed him and transferred the money, after that the accused convinced her to make another deposit of Rs 10 lakhs for him as he needed help purchasing a property in Gujarat worth a few crores. Believing him, she transferred the money for the registration of land.

She realized the fraud after he had avoided her calls and later blocked her. She then approached the cybercrime police for help and a case was registered.