Hyderabad: Woman kills her newborn boy as she wanted daughter

Hyderabad: Purnima already had two sons. She expected a daughter the third time, when a boy was born, she got irritated and killed her 24-day-old boy with a blade and left him to die in a street on Tuesday. Earlier, she had asked her husband to give the newly born boy to the couple who is childless.

After facing depression when her family members opposed her, she cooked up a story and telephoned her husband, Sridhar Raju, that thieves had robbed her of her jewelry and attacked the child.

When police started investigations, they found discrepancies in Purnima’s statements and her suspicious behavior.

According to the news published in TOI, Investigating Officer of Neredmet Police station said, “She did not cry at all. There was no blood on the road where she said the incident happened. After the post-mortem, the forensic expert said the injury on the boy’s throat was caused by a sharp-edged weapon. So we grilled Purnima further on Wednesday afternoon”. Purnima has been charged with murder.