Hyderabad: Woman divorced on Social Media, held at US airport

Hyderabad: On Monday, a 22-year-old woman who is a resident of Mir Alam Mandi said, her husband has divorced her on social media.

According to the report published in Times Of India, Farah Fatima had travelled to the US to join her husband Yaser Siddiqui on 12 February.

She was detained at the San Francisco airport saying that the immigration authorities were informed that she was divorced and no longer Siddiqui’s wife.

She spends 24 days in immigration custody and returned to the city on 9 March.

The marriage of Farah and Yaser Siddiqui took place on a phone as he lives in the US. After her marriage, she travelled to the US twice to be with him.

Farah said that she had received a message from Yaser stating: “I did triple talaq already (sic)” a few months ago. He also asked her to file a case, if she wants.

She said, “I did not take the message seriously although I knew he was having an affair with another woman.”

“I wanted to spend my wedding anniversary with him on March 18 and for this reason, I travelled to the US but I was shocked to know that I was divorced. There were no divorce papers signed,” she added.

Now she wants to lodge a complaint against her husband. Triple talaq is illegal in India and the man can be punished with 3 years of jail, who divorces his wife.