Hyderabad: Woman abuses man for allegedly questioning her rash driving

HYDERABAD: A video of young woman creating a ruckus on busy road has gone viral on social media platforms.

According to media reports, the incident happened at around 9.40 am in Hyderabad’s busy Begumpet – Secunderabad road on Thursday.

The woman is a city-based psychiatrist and a daughter of a businessman.

According to witnesses, she reportedly was driving her Volkswagen Vento sedan very rashly and zig-zagging between lanes on busy Begumpet road causing trouble for other commuters.

With her reckless driving, she allegedly bumped her vehicle into a Honda Activa from the rear.
In the video recorded by other motorists, Lubna is seen moving towards the man and entered into a heated debate shouting, “How dare you”.

The furious woman also uses abusive language against the scooterist, and even attempting to manhandle him.

YouTube video

SR Nagar traffic inspector intervened to settle the argument and dispersed the crowd but she yelled at him too. The woman, instead of leaving the place, once again drove rashly and stopped the vehicle next to the man and picked up a fight after which the scooterist too retorted in the same language.

Based on the CCTV footage, a case was booked against the woman for rash driving and creating a nuisance.

The below shows how rash she is driving:

YouTube video