Hyderabad will emerge as next Silicon valley of India, says BBC

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is now emerging as the best destination for start-ups, overtaking Bengaluru which used to be a suitable destinations for India’s tech industry.

According to the news reported in Telangana Today, in a video story titled ‘A tale of two Indian tech cities’, produced by Pamela Parker and Medhavi Arora, the story says that “Growing problems with congestion and infrastructure have pushed startups to look for new alternatives. Hyderabad is increasingly being named as the new city of choice, so how well does it rate against Bengaluru?”

StanPlus, a startup managing ambulances in Hyderabad, its co-founder Antoine Poirson, says transportation is a big issue in Bengaluru, which removes some of the ‘agile benefits of being a small competitor’.

BBC also quotes Poirson as saying that “the ecosystem in Hyderabad is ‘very vibrant and dynamic’. There is lots of government support. Ease of doing business is a fact, and bureaucracy has been reduced. There is a lot of support for startups.”

BBC also says that, though Bengaluru may have more deals and tech entrepreneurs, Hyderabad is reducing this gap and challenging the Karnataka city’s status as India’s Silicon Valley.