Hyderabad: Waqf land attached to 400-year-old masjid encroached

HYDERABAD: Around fourteen acres of valuable waqf land attached to a 400 year-old Masjid and graveyard in the heart of the city is slowly eating up by illegal encroachers.

Residents said to inform Mohammed Saleem, the Chairman of Waqf Board that acres of land has already been encroached upon at the graveyard at ImamPura near Ziaguda and have been increasing over the years in the area.

The Telangana State Waqf board officials were informed many a times and become an ongoing problem but the board failed to safeguards the land which is under encroachment.

The land is being registered under waqf borard with Survey No 71/1, Ward No-3, Block No-3, TSLR No-28, Block No-W and Gazette No 2000/A, dated 17-May-1984, Serial No-449.

The graveyard organizing committee approached the local MLA for the construction of a boundary wall. A letter is also forwarded to the Minority Welfare but no concrete action has been taken yet.

Telangana State Waqf Action Committee Minority Welfare demanded stringent action against these encroachments. They also demanded the local MLA to take action against encroachers.

Maulana Kaeem Sufi Qairuddin Quadri, Chairman Telangana State Waqf Action Committee Minority Welfare, Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Aqeel Ahmed, Samiuddin, Firasatuddin also ward against democratic protest if not appropriate action is taken.