Hyderabad: Viral fever takes hold of Old City, 300 to 400 cases reported daily

Hyderabad: Since last fortnight, many in the Old city have contracted a viral fever, with  several cases of fever, cold and throat infection. Every day, around 300 to 400 patients are being reported in government and private health care centres.

The main reason for the sudden spike in the number of cases is the fluctuation in the weather conditions.

Patients complain that there is a lack of medicines at Tegalkuntta’s Urban Health Care Centre. They said they are not able to get all the medicines at one go, due to a shortage at the health care centre.

According to the health department officials, city hospitals are witnessing twice the normal rush of patients sick with fever, cold and throat infection.

L Jaya, a consultant at  Tegalkuntta Urban Health Care Centre said.”Every day approximately 300 to 400 patients visit the Centre, mostly affected with viral fever. We are trying to do our best, but are helpless due to lack of medicines. We are seeing children and elders affected by the cold nights and warm days. We are giving specific suggestions to patients that they abstain from cold and avoid refrigerated food.”

A similar situation is seen in private hospitals also. Dr Md Sabir at Murad Nagar said that daily nearly 50 to 70 cases of viral fever cases are being reported in his clinic.”Children and elderly are particularly affected by the viral fever. A lot of them are catching cold and coming to my clinic complaining of fever, throat infection and cough. There is a huge patient rush in my clinic with similar cases.”

He added. “But there is no need to worry about an outbreak of viral fever as it is normal during winter.”
Residents of Old City want the government to strengthen the health care centres, conduct free medical camps and distribute medicines to the poor.