Hyderabad: Violators will be made to clean road if this rule is implemented

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) mulls adopting Pune model to keep the city clean which requires those who spit on the road to clean it and pay a fine of Rs. 100.

According to ToI, Additional Commissioner GHMC Musharraf Faruqui is considering implementation of anti-spitting rule in the city. He told this in response to a suggestion given by a twitter user. TSS Prasad in his tweet had suggested that anti-spitting rule should be implemented in Hyderabad. On which additional Commissioner Musharraf Faruqui said, “GHMC additional is considering its implementation.”

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) implemented anti-spitting rule in November last and those who spit on the road were made to clean it and fine of Rs 100 was also imposed.