Hyderabad: Video of youth abusing couple in car parked in Old City went viral

HYDERABAD: A video of a couple caught in objectionable position inside car a parked in a residential area in the Old City, is being circulated on social media platforms.

According to Deccan Chronicle reports, the 48second-long video showed three youths harassing the couple by snatching the woman’s phone and slapping the man when he got out of the car.

The woman stand up against them to defend her friend by arguing that what they do in private is their business.

The video posted on Facebook received over 28,000 views received negative comments about the couple.

The post by the group admin, says: ‘A Muslim Girl & Her Boy Friend Caught Red Handed in objectionable position inside a car parked beside residence caught by local youth.


When people raised an objection, the woman started throwing tantrums and threatens to bring her Ghunda brothers.

(Car Ke Andar Ek Ghair Muslim ke Saath Be-Hayayi Ki Halath Mai Pakdey Gaye Couples Jab Area Ke logo Ne Ethraj Kiya Tou Ladki Ne Bhaiyou Ku Bulane Ki Dhamki Di, Khas Baat Ye Hai Ke Inka Permission Leke Car Ka Darwaza Kholna Tha Kate)

The post continues: If U find couples near your residence in objectionable position just call police. Don’t try to take the law into your hands. But, this intervention of the locals amounts to policing, unless the act falls under nuisance.’

No complaint has been filed in the case.

The videos immediately removed from the page, however,  we will try to share as soon as we get.