Hyderabad: Two harassed wives kill husband, set his dead body ablaze

Hyderabad: Vexed with the continuous harassments, two wives of a person killed their husband brutally. This incident took place at Jagathgirigutta in Cyberabad area.
According to the details, Mahender Yadav, a resident of Asbestos Colony married two women namely, Jyothi and Padma. He was an addict drunkard. He used to assault them frequently. They got vexed up with his harassments.
According to the news published in DC, on the night of 18th November, he came home in the drunken state and started quarrelling with his elder son, Uday Kiran. He also physically assaulted his son.
When both the wives failed to stop their husband, they decided to kill him. They took this extreme step since they feared that he would kill the boy.
Women strangled him with a sari. Later, they set the dead body ablaze after sprinkling kerosene on it. Police registered a case when Yadav’s dead body was found in his house. Police took both the wives into custody.
During interrogation, it was found that Jyothi and Padma slaughtered their cruel husband. Police shifted the dead body to Gandhi Hospital. It was later handed over to his five sons. Police is making further investigations.