Hyderabad: Two cars catch fire, traffic movement disrupted

Hyderabad: On Wednesday, two cars caught fire in two separate incidents which took place in Hyderabad.

According to the report published in Telangana Today, traffic movement was disrupted due to the incidents. Luckily, no casualties took place.

In one of the incident, a Tata Indigo car caught fire near Prakash Nagar Metro Rail Station which falls under Begumpet Police jurisdiction. This incident took place at around 10:30 a.m. When Murali, the person who was driving the car, noticed flames, parked the vehicle and got out of it. Within no time, flames engulfed the car.


Fire tender reached the spot to extinguished the flames.

Talking about the incident, Mr. Gangula Shravan Kumar, Sub-Inspector told that Murali noticed the flames from the air-conditioner when he switched it on.

In another incident, a Maruti Car caught fire near Sanathnagar fire station. Krishna who was driving the car got out of the vehicle and sought the help of firefighters.

In a separate incident which took place in Rasoolpura, a fire broke out in a tent godown. In this incident, the property worth more than Rs. 15 lakh is damaged.