Hyderabad turn into Waterabad, Heavy downpour in city

Heavy downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning on Friday evening completely drenched the city and thus virtually turning Hyderabad into ” Waterabad” once again.


The heavy rainfall is stated to be due to cyclonic circulation over the state and also in the costal area of the neighbouring AP state. Consequent to this the city has been overcast since morning with light drizzle in some areas. However the subsequent steady heavy cloud formation has suddenly turned the city into darkness in broad day light.


And the sudden downpour caught many a netizen unawares even as they preparing to rush home for a long festive holiday. As usual main roads, lanes and by-lanes in many areas were waterlogged and resembled like gushing streams in a concrete jungle. The rain waters and overflowing drain waters also escalated the misery of the residents in many low lying areas as their dwelling were flooded.


Heavy streams of waters flowed on many flyovers, while main through fares too were covered sheets of flowing rain water. This adversely affected the traffic movement in many areas. Cars and motorcycles and scooters were seen on many roads getting struck knee-deep water forcing the owners to move on with great difficulty and efforts by pushing the vehicles.


Consequent to the forecast from weathermen about incessant rains during the coming days, the GHMC authorities were on alert keeping all emergency squads ready to meet any eventuality. According to the forecast, heavy to moderate rains are expected for another 72 hours thus making the eagerly-awaited Dussera into a wet festival. (NSS)