Hyderabad Traffic Police asks auto drivers to prepare ‘Conduct Rules’ for plying auto

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Traffic Police on Wednesday asked auto unions to prepare ‘Conduct Rules’ which would sensitize auto drivers on crimes. This was initiated after observing a large number of crimes involving auto drivers in the past two years.

During the meeting, Anil Kumar, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic department, revealed that in the year 2018 about 129 auto drivers were arrested in various crimes. Furthermore, the numbers rose in 2019 with about 16 more incidents happening. This year however, 46 auto drivers were found to be involed in various offences.

The commissioner also urged drivers to treat tourists well, and make Hyderabad the best city for tourisml. Kumar further said that if any more complains about rash driving, drunken driving, excess loading, misbehavior and misleading of auto drivers continue to come, strict legal action wo;; be taken. He asked auto unions to conduct continuous sensitizing about traffic rules and safety of passengers and said that the Hyderabad Traffic Police officers will also participate in it.

Kumar, while speaking at the “My Auto is Safe” initiative of Hyderabad Traffic Police, informed that so far 92,055 autos are registered under it. He also requested auto drivers to share any information regarding safety and security in the city in order to prevent crimes in the city. “All the owners of auto should verify the antecedents of drivers who take autos for rent,” Kumar said during the meeting.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police has also requested citizens to inform the police if any misbehavior, extra demanding, refusal to ply, etc., by auto drives is seen. Citizens can also inform the police through the Hawkeye app, My Auto is Safe application, Traffic Police Helpline (9010203624) and can also call up the Traffic Control room on 040-27852482.