Hyderabad: Traffic cameras will now identify wrongly parked vehicles

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Traffic Police has decided to install cameras in no-parking areas which would record the registration numbers of vehicles parked illegally in those areas.

The police would issue e-challans in such cases. It would help the police to monitor wrong parking by identifying the vehicles though automated number plates.

It is to be mentioned that Govt. allocated Rs. 100 crore for Violation Management System Project which is to be launched in about four months’ time. This system generates a report within few seconds with the help of its camera.
This system also has many other features like identification of vehicles going with greater speed, going on wrong side and jumping the red light signals etc.

According to the news published in DC, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Mr. Jitender told, “It is difficult to monitor violations manually. There are many limitations and the manual system takes a lot of time. The automated system will be really useful in monitoring violators on a large scale”.