Hyderabad: Tension in tarnaka; TJAC activists injured in clash with police

The police arrested Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram at his residence here on Saturday when the latter started to go to Tank Bund to attend Million March Spoorthy Yatra from his residence located at Tarnaka.

The police shifted Kodandaram to police station in his own vehicle when the latter resisted getting into police vehicle. The police arrested Kodandaram’s followers too leading to tension for some time in Tarnaka. On the occasion, the JAC activists raised slogans making it clear that the government will not stop the aspirations of people while arresting them. They raised protest slogans against the government. The police shifted Kodandaram to Bollaram Police station. The police also detained CPI State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy at Maqdhoom Bhavan and former MLC Kapilavai Dileep Kumar at Tank Bund. The police erected 350 check-posts around the Tank Bund to see that no untoward incident take place. The police erected barricades two sides of Tank Bund.

Earlier, Kodandaram, speaking to the media, stated that the TRS party was afraid of people thinking that they may question the government if they get conscious through Million March Spoorthy Sabha and hence the TRS government made police to arrest thousands of JAC leaders while seizing his house with police. He said that the government was not interested to remember the Million March and hence the police detained JAC leaders since Friday.

The police were not even providing food to the leaders arrested by them, he alleged and made it clear that JAC will approach Court on JAC leaders arrest. He also made it clear that he will wage movement like Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was speaking about freedom to the States and freedom at Delhi, for the rights of people. He alleged that the State government’s attitude was against the Constitution. The government was obstructing the programs taken up by JAC. The government was also detaining the JAC leaders even after 24 hours. Kodandaram warned that they will take the issue to the notice of Courts.

The police closed Tank Bund route since 11 am to 5pm and deployed huge police force around Tank Bund area. The police didn’t allow anybody on to Tank Bund strictly.