Hyderabad techie who kept wife’s pic as WhatsApp DP falls prey to scamster

Hyderabad: Hyderabad techie who had kept his wife’s photo as a WhatsApp display picture has fallen prey to scamster. The crime came to the limelight after he approached cybercrime police.

It all started after the techie received a link on his WhatsApp. When he clicked on the link, he was redirected to a page where the photographs of call girls along with their rates and time slots were mentioned. Soon, the techie replied to the sender of the link that he is not interested, New Indian Express reported.

Even after rejecting the offer, the scamster demanded the money claiming that the link has been clicked and photos have been viewed. The techie refused to pay any amount.

The scamster did not end the matter there rather downloaded the WhatsApp display picture of the techie and morphed it. After sending the morphed photo to the techie, the scamster started blackmailing him.

Bowing to the blackmail, the techie transferred money to the fraudster. However, when the fraudster did not get satisfied with Rs. 1 lakh, the techie approached the cybercrime police.

The investigation is going on.