Hyderabad techie Hashmi met the same fate as Sardar Hashmi

Hyderabad: 26-year-old TCS techie Hashmi who was brutally murdered met the same cruel fate as Safdar Hashmi, a slain playwright and director who was brutally killed in 1989.

Vallipalli Hashmi’s father, Yuri Gagarin, a 56 year-old passionate leftists named his son Safdar Hashmi after the prominent theatre personality and CPM leader who was done to death in broad daylight for staging a play against corruption in 1989 at Jhandapur in Sahibadad.

9 accused in the murder of Sardar Hashmi, a leading light of the left wing cultural outfit were awarded life imprisonment by a local court in 2003, 14 years after the killing.

Nephew of AP CPM state secretary P. Madhu, Hashmi was very attracted to the leftists ideology since childhood and was very heplful person.

“Hashmi was brought in the same manner as his father and never had any superstition. He was a bold guy,” said P. Madhu, the CPM state secretary of AP.

HCL regional manager, Nirmal Kumar Behuria said, “He was a calm, helpful guy, who we could always depend on. We have lost such a good friend,” HCL regional manager, Nirmal Kumar Behuria.

A M.Tech degree holder, Hashim from Gadwal had joined TCS just 3 weeks ago but was brutally murdered after he refused to give Rs. 10,000 demanded by Naresh Reddy, an unemployed electrician-neighbour.

Reddy was arrested after questioning and a case under section 302 (murder) of IPC was registered, police said, adding investigations are underway.