Hyderabad: SHE Team arrests HR for allegedly harassing woman jobseeker

Hyderabad: On Monday, SHE Team arrested the Human Resource Department head of a consultancy for allegedly harassing a jobseeker.
According to the news published in Telangana Today, accused, B. Narender Singh (32) asked the victim to send her obscene photos to him. When she rejected his request, he started harassing her.
The woman who is an engineering graduate had attended an interview of a company in the consultancy where the accused is the head of the HR Department.
Narender gave his contact number to her and said that the result will be informed through the phone.
However, when the woman contacted him, he asked her to send her obscene photos. She refused.
When she again tried to know the details of the job, he said that he will help her to get a job in good company if she sends her photo.
Vexed up with the harassment, the woman approached She Teams. Based on the technical evidence, police arrested Singh.
Later, the court sent him into judicial custody.