Hyderabad: Surprising suicide trends prevail in the city

Hyderabad: The trend of committing suicide among men is on the increase. Since January this year, 233 cases of suicide have been reported out of which 160 are men.

Psychologists opine that men outnumber women in committing suicide.

According to the report of Hyderabad City Police, men who committed suicide were in the age group of 21 to 30 years. The reasons are tension, failure in love affairs, internal disputes and financial difficulties.

The reasons for committing suicide among women are domestic violence, harassment by husbands and in-laws and other internal disputes. There are a few cases of young students committing suicide due to failure in exams.

Roshni is an NGO which prevents persons from committing suicide by offering counseling. This NGO runs the free helpline. Most of the youths make calls to get guidance from it.

Lake Police team of Hyderabad city saved 191 persons this year who tried to commit suicide by jumping into Husain Sagar. Later, they were counseled and sent home. After consulting the affected persons, police arrived at a conclusion that in most cases, the causes are domestic disputes and violence.

–Siasat News