Hyderabad: Students from MGIT developed floor cleaning machine

Hyderabad: Two students of Mechatronics from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT) have developed a smart and versatile cleaner which sweep, mop and also cut the grass in the garden. The machine is solar powered and comes mounted with a 360 degree camera.

The three-in-one machine can be controlled remotely and it can adopt to different conditions. It mops the floor, collects dust and waste into a bin attached to it. Later, it can be put to mopping and a choice could be made for either a dry mop or a wet mop – Telangana Today report.

The two students, Charanlal and Anil Kumar said: “We developed this smart and versatile machine as part of final year project work. Firstly, it cleans the floor and if there are any stains on it, wet mopping can be used. There is also a provision for dry mopping. Users need not collect dust and waste on the floor as machine itself does the job.”

The three-in-one machine is mounted with a 360 degree Wi-Fi camera which aids in remote navigation and monitoring of operations.
“We spent around Rs 1 lakh for putting together this machine. The cost can be reduced to Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 when produced in bulk and also depending on user requirements, the machine can be customized,” added Charanlal.

The young innovators were guided by their HoD of Mechatronics, Sudhakar Reddy, and faculty, Sreenivasulu Reddy and P Chandrasekhar, in the project to designed the machine in such a way that sweeping and mopping parts are re-attachable.