Hyderabad: Student’s attendance shortage, detained by Board

Hyderabad: State Board of Technical Education detained around 21,000 students out of 69,000 for having less attendance percentage.

According to the report of Telangana Today, the State Board of Technical Education and training have decided to detain the students who fail to maintain the attendance percentage of their regular classes.

Students need to have 75% of attendance to be eligible for semester exams and 65% is considered if there is any clinical emergency and the student provides medical certificate.

This rule was set years back but now due to the introduction of biometric attendance the calculation of attendance became easier and helps to know whether the student has really attended the college or not. Biometric attendance was introduced to give quality education to the students, to benefit them alone.

Detained students won’t be allowed to write a 2nd and 4th semester exam which is being held in March/April, this was purely done to improve the quality of education. State Board does not want to waste a year of the students and hence they came up with a solution with which the students will be regular to colleges from now on and their academic year also wouldn’t be wasted.

The idea is to conduct classes in summer vacation and whosoever makes up to 75% with the addition of regular classes attendance will be allowed to write the special exams in June.