Hyderabad: Students addicted to narcotics, claims report

Hyderabad: So far, students used to sell narcotics drugs for getting easy money but now a report shows that they are also getting involved in its consumption.

A few days back, Excise Dept. had formulated a 100-day plan to eradicate use of narcotic drugs in Greater Hyderabad. The officials of the Dept. made every attempt to free Hyderabad Ranga Reddy, Medchal from the manufacture and use of country-made liquor. Dhulpet area was freed from the manufacture of Desi Liquor. A group of 900 persons was rehabilitated.

According to the report of the Excise Dept., some of the students belonging to the affluent class are involved in the narcotic drugs trade. The officials are reluctant to reveal their names. The data of nearly 150 cell phone numbers was checked and it was found that about 80% of the persons are addicted to using drugs.

The Dept. hopes to complete its investigation within a couple of weeks. It is likely to expose big names involved in drug trafficking activities.

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