Hyderabad: SSC Exams centre in Old City vs New City

Hyderabad: With the commencement of SSC exams in the State, reporters have been recording videos of students near exam centers and we found something really strange. Schools in new city were clean and tidy for the students and schools that are in Old city had a lot of Filth around.

Hyderabad has been ranked the best city to live in India for five times in a row. But,is the best city clean enough to live in? Certainly not. The condition of roads and streets in old city is in the dirtiest condition.

A clean environment is essential for a healthy living, no wonder there were many cases of Malaria and Dengue recently. GHMC needs to take a step to keep the environment clean to ensure a healthy living in both the parts of the city. Some parts of New city aren’t clean as well, like for example Tolichowki which is very famous for having mosquitoes. Mosquitoes there are so much that people call it ‘Macharchowki’.A clean city with proper Government services provided can only be a best city to live in.