Hyderabad: Spend Shab-e-Baraat in prayers, clerics appeal to maintain peace

HYDERABAD: Muslims around the city are expected to observe Shab-e-Barat or Laylatul Bara’ah (night of deliverance) on Thursday.

Falls on the 15th day of the Islamic month of Shabaan, Shab-e-barat is considered to be the most pious night when Muslims prays for the departed souls and seeks Allah’s blessings and forgiveness for their sins.

Arrangements were being for special prayers and sermons offered at different mosques around the City.

Religious leaders have urged youngsters not to turn Shab-e-Baraat or Night of Salvation into a night of revelry and nuisance.


The night of Shab-e-Baraat is sacred and should be spent in prayers. But the city  youths has taken it upon itself to rein in acts of hooliganism. The parents and guardians should stop and counsel these youngsters about the importance of the night.

The youngsters were appealed to avoid meaningless activities like bursting crackers and biking recklessly or  performing dangerous stunts on the road  thereby creating inconvenience to residents or commuters.

Also, City police are not willing to take chances. Elaborate arrangements are made and the cops will keep a tab on movement of vehicles to maintain law and order to prevent any untoward incident.

The devotees will pass the night through prayer, recitation from the Holy Quran, and seeking blessings from Allah, the Almighty, for peace and progress of their families and relatives.

People will visit the graves of their relatives and Muslim saints and offer special munajat on this night of fortune.