Hyderabad: SHE Teams registers 180 harassment cases in August

Hyderabad: The SHE Teams unit of the Cyberabad police registered as many as 180 cases of harassment against women in the month of August. The complaints were received from victims through social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, QR code, and e-mail.

According to the police, 44 petitions were received for phone harassment, 28 for domestic violence, 17 for blackmailing and harassing, and 12 cases of cheating and manipulating women by promising marriage. A total of 11 SHE teams are working in the jurisdiction of the Cyberabad Commissionerate to cater to the needs of more women and children.

Another 12 petitions were received for misbehavior, nine of which were on harassment via WhatsApp, and nine others for stalking, said a press note from the Cyberabad police on Monday.

Additionally, six cases of harassment through social media cases were registered, five for the usage of vulgar language, four for passing comments, and four others for sending obscene pictures and videos. Twenty-three cases have been classified by the SHE teams as ‘others.’

Out of the total 180 cases, 35 have been registered, out of which, 11 are criminal cases and 24 are petty cases. A warning was given to the respondents in 69 cases while 112 respondents were given counseling.

 The SHE teams said that they conducted decoy operations and caught 122 respondents red-handedly and booked online petty cases on them. Four child marriages were also stopped during the month.