Hyderabad sees rise in sales of electric bikes, cars

Hyderabad: Due to a steep increase in petrol and diesel prices, the sale of electrical bikes and cars has witnessed an upswing in Hyderabad. The state government is also encouraging people to use electric vehicles to control air pollution.  

Seeing the rise in sales of electric bikes and cars in Hyderabad, the government is planning to increase the charging facilities. A charging point will be set up at every 3 km in Greater Hyderabad. On national highways, it will be made available at every 25 km.

Lands have been earmarked for setting up the charging points. A plan is underway to encourage the use of electric vehicles through Telangana State’s REDCO.

Initially, the charging points will be set up only on government lands. Later, the private parties will be allowed to set up charging points.

According to the state government, the availability of charging points will encourage people to use electric vehicles. The officials say that the people can travel 80 km by spending a mere Rs.6.

Compared to petrol and diesel cars and bikes, the maintenance of electrical vehicles is for less.

Currently, in Greater Hyderabad, there are 2230 electric bikes, 404 electric cars, 67 taxis, 21 auto, and 365 light goods vehicles plying on city roads and their numbers are likely to be increased rapidly in near future.

According to an estimate around 450 electric vehicles are being sold in a month in Hyderabad.