Hyderabad: Rotary club to present awards to NGOs providing COVID relief

Hyderabad: One of the oldest clubs in the city, the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan (RCHD) will present its vocational excellence awards in a virtual mode on June 6, the club said.

Six organizations have been  chosen for the awards including Nirmaan.org; SCSC (Society for Cyberabad Security Council) and Swasti Health Catalyst among others for supporting underserved and marginalized communities in accessing COVID-19 relief support and services

Besides, Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam and No Food Waste and Helping Hand Foundation will be given the COVID-19 warrior awards. 

Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam will be given an award for its excellence in providing dignified end-of-life services during the COVID-19 pandemic, while the No Food Waste will be awarded for its support to patients with the distribution of food and supplies.

City-based Helping Hands Foundation too will be among the award recipients for its COVID-19 relief support and services.

Dr. Jogin Desai, founder and CEO of Eyestem Research and ex-chairman of Social Venture Partners, Bangalore and  Rotarian NV Hanumantha Reddy will be chief guest and guest of honours for the event, Rotary said.

VVSN Raju, president of RCHD said that every year, the club recognizes people or organizations who have done great work beyond their duties and contributed to the welfare of society.