Hyderabad: Rise in ‘blood pressure’ found in children due to these food habits, lifestyle

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad City, symptoms of blood pressure (BP) are being found in minor children also. In addition to this, many children are suffering from heart diseases.

A survey conducted by an organization revealed that symptoms of high BP were recorded in the children of age group 8-18 which is not normal.

The survey also indicated that the food habits of children, especially eating junk food is the cause of the increase in BP.

Child specialists opine that BP is not transferred from parents. It occurs due to change in food habits. In addition to it, watching video games, TV, mobile phone are also responsible for it.

The survey also found that in Hyderabad, obesity is mostly found among children. Those children who have obesity normally suffer from high BP. The reason for the increase in obesity cases is due to not participating in sports and games and taking junk foods.

The doctors say that high BP in young age can affect the functioning of arteries of the brain and other organs.

They requested the parents and guardians to get annual health checkup of their children done and pay attention to the treatment of their children.

–Siasat News