Hyderabad: Remote-controlled kites to be introduced

Hyderabad: ‘Kite 2017’, Telangana State’s 2nd International Kite Festival, to be held from January 12 to 17, in Hyderabad, is going to introduce ‘remote-controlled kites’.

“Traditionally kites are flown with strings. But, remote-controlled flying of kites is something revolutionary which is not witnessed much in India. The joy of remote control kite flying offers altogether a new experience for the first time to Indians,” Geoffrey Fisher, Head of the Aga Khan Academy said in a release.

These kites will be flown at a special night flying curtain raiser event at People’s Plaza on January 12, he said.

“This is something revolutionary the joy of remote-controlled kite flying offers a new experience altogether for Indians, as they are not dependent on wind but instead use propellers powered by rechargeable batteries”, Fisher explained.

‘Kite 2017’ festival is organised for the cause of women’s empowerment through girl child education. It aims to raise the tourism profile and rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad as a ‘hidden jewel’ of India by attracting renowned international kite flyers from 16 countries and 10 pan-Indian clubs to Telangana State, the release said.

Telangana Tourism and Incredible India have joined hands with Aga Khan Academy to host this event at sprawling 100 acres campus of Aga Khan Academy.

Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu will be the face of the festival.

Kite 2017, Telangana International Kite Festival (TIKF) is organised to profile the long-standing regional tradition of kite-flying and the unique culture, crafts, and cuisine of Telangana through an exciting festival programme for schools, children, families and kite-flying enthusiasts of all ages, B Venkatesham, Telangana Tourism Secretary said.