Hyderabad records lowest polling: Here’s what analysts apprehend if this trend continues

Hyderabad: The decreasing trend of polling among minorities is worrying the politicians. It has been observed that in minority concentration areas the low percentage of voting was recorded when compared to previous two elections.

Experts opine that this trend is not good for the functioning of democracy. After the polling, the percentage of voting in 15 constituencies of Hyderabad was released. It revealed that low voting was recorded in minority concentration areas.

GHMC and Election Commission had organized awareness programs but on the day of polling, it did not translate into action. Very low turnout of voters was observed at many polling stations in Old City whereas, in majority concentration areas, long queues were seen right from 7 a.m.

The political analysts expressed apprehension that if this trend continues, non-minority candidates would get elected from minority concentration areas.

Social and religious organization of Old City had also issued appeals for exercising votes. Muslim scholars termed that casting vote is a virtue but all these appeals did not yield fruitful results.

Many constituencies of Old City had the history of 90 to 100 percent polling in the past and in some polling booths, re-poll was also ordered but during this election, the percentage got reduced to 40.

It is very surprising that during the election meetings, thousands of audience participated but the political parties and their candidates failed to convince the voters to cast their votes. On the contrary, in majority concentration areas, neither major election meetings were held nor processions were taken out but they exhibited record polling.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]