Hyderabad recorded lowest polling since 1984, slap on communal politics of MIM, BJP

Hyderabad: Parliamentary constituency of Hyderabad recorded the lowest turnout in Lok Sabha elections 2019.

In Telangana state, 60.57 percent polling was registered. However, the percentage of turnout in Hyderabad was 39.49 percent respectively.

In Hyderabad, Yakutpura Assembly segment recorded the least polling of 31.1 percent. In none of the assembly segments of Telangana’s capital, the polling crossed 50%.

Despite appeals made by political parties and celebrities, people of Hyderabad preferred to stay at home.

It seems that people are vexed with the communal politics of MIM and BJP. The polling percentage is nothing but a slap on such politics.

It may be noted that Hyderabad recorded the lowest polling percentage since 1984. The percentage was never less than 50 in the earlier elections.


Year Percentage
1984 76.80
1989 71.30
1991 77.10
1996 63.40
1998 73.20
1999 69.20
2004 55.70
2009 52.40
2014 53.30
2019 39.49



Possible reasons

Percentage of polling in Hyderabad was the least when compared to earlier Lok Sabha elections. Here’re the possible reasons:

  1. Voters might be vexed with false promises.
  2. Increase in literacy level in Old City.
  3. Anger due to unemployment.
  4. Hate speeches and character assassination.
  5. Huge crackdown on bogus voting.
  6. Deletion of voters from the electoral lists.
  7. People rejected communal politics of particular political parties.

Heat waves another reason

It is believed that people preferred to stay at home due to prevailing heat waves in the city. It seems that people attended election gathering for fun and did not turn up on the day of polling.

Polling percentage in Lok Sabha polls lesser than Assembly polls

It may be mentioned that in the recently held TS Assembly Polls, Hyderabad had recorded the polling of 50% which has fallen down in Lok Sabha polls.

In TS Assembly polls, none of the seven constituencies had recorded polling percentage less than 40.