Hyderabad rappers teach hip-hop to kids at orphanage

Hyderabad: Indian audiences are mostly used to watching hip-hop in movies and music videos where the art is depicted as something practiced by rebels and outcasts in shady underground events; like in Hollywood’s 8-Mile or Bollywood’s Gully Boy.

In other cases, hip-hop has been used in sexually explicit music, which is not considered to be fit for children to watch.

However, Hyderabad’s underground hip-hop scenes seem to be breaking that stereotype by performing their songs in the last place imaginable – orphanages. And to add to that, the rap artists have taught the children there how to write their own songs to express themselves in the language of hip-hop.

On November 23, NGOs Camp Celebrate and Rainbow Homes (that works for children who are underprivileged or orphaned), organised a physical fitness session, expressive arts therapy session, Kuchipudi session and an introduction to rap and hip-hop session alongside a performance by the organiser. The event was organised at Arun Rainbow Homes, Lalapet.

“It was quite different from what we usually do because we expertise in performing at stages,” Zakariya aka Tiger said. He added that the kids were picking it up very fast, and writing their own songs. Another rap artist, Chemical, said that they got to see and witness different arts and teaching the kids about hip-hop was one of the best experiences as a rapper and also a hip-hop fan.

Phani, an artist, said “Dancing, rapping, and teaching the kids hip-hop was a different kind of rush. It was like I was reconnecting with my roots and also reminded myself why I choose hip-hop. The kids were receiving it very well and it was very motivating for me.”

Tiger also added that the kids also learned how to write their own songs in “no time”. All the artists thanked Camp Celebrate for the opportunity. Other artists present there included Double E and Prozach.

CampceLiberate’ is being organized by ‘Heal Not Hate’, which is a movement where organizers Harsha Maheshwari and Faria Abdullah are doing seven collaborations with different NGOs and communities on 7 days from 23rd – 29th November.

“On 23rd November, we worked with Rainbow Homes, an NGO that works for children who are underprivileged or orphaned. We organised a physical fitness session, expressive arts therapy session, kuchipudi session, an introduction to rap and hip hop session and a performance by the organiser,” Harsha Komet remarked.

‘CampceLiberate’ on Friday also organized a green day meet up at Pheonix Arena called “Anahata” where they invited prominent environmentalist organizations and activists.

Camp ceLiberate team at Rainbow Homes