Hyderabad rains: Birds washed away at Murgi Chowk

Hyderabad: Scores of birds were washed away in the Old City area of Murgi Chowk on Friday night after

flash floods caused by heavy rains. The city witnessed heavy downpour last night with certain areas recording over 100 mm rainfall.

Thundershowers had caused floods in some areas of the Old City, including near the Charminar, which recorded 86.6 mm rainfall.

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The flash floods caused in the area due to the overflowing of a nala close to the Murghi Chowk , resulting in the submergence of bird cages. When the owners tried to move the birds to a safe place, it led to the birds being washed away due to the pressure of the floodwaters.

Locals at Murghi chowk claimed that close to a thousand birds were washed away, resulting in heavy losses in business and livelihood for many residents of the area