Hyderabad Rainfall records highest in Century

Hyderabad: After scorching summer heat experienced all over Telangana state the incessant rains brought a huge relief in Hyderabad since that the city received good amounts of rainfall in October marking a record in for the last100 years.

The incessant rains in Hyderabad that lasted almost half of the October month received a good amount of 248.3 mm of rainfall, the highest recorded ever since October 1916, against the normal amount of 64.9mm. The October 1916 rainfall recorded was 355.1 mm in Hyderabad.

Though the rainfall in Hyderabad recorded this year is far less against that recorded in 1916, it is yet the highest recorded in the first time in 100 years.

However according to the Indian Meteorological Telangana state was supposed to receive more rainfall in this month but the current depression in Bay of Bengal failed to bring in more rains to the state. The incessant rains in Hyderabad that began on 1 October would have surpassed 1916 record had the rains continued beyond 15 October.

This record marks it as the second time in two decades that Hyderabad received rainfalls above 200mm during October month against the last recorded in October 2013 which was 239.1mm.
According to October rainfall statistics in Hyderabad since November 1891, September 1908 received 431mm rainfall in 36 hours on 27-28 September.

The city has also recorded rainfall of 499 mm in a month.